AL - They Got Off Easy?

Our heroes are seemingly left off easy after being cornered in a Pyramid room. The white tiefling the party saw in passing reveals himself as Jermaine, and quickly goads the players into a deal: He lets them go, and they prevent the Cloak from taking Archway. Sealing the deal, Namfoodle shakes Jermaine’s hand and Jermaine scratches him, drawing a trickle of blood from his wrist.

The party journeys back to Archway in a hurry. Along the way, they find the Wayside Inn, where they stayed with the Kenku village survivors and find it burned down with a few Human corpses among the rubble. Unable to determine anything further, the heroes wish their old companions well and continue hastily to their destination.

Pushing themselves to near exhaustion, the party reaches Bergain on their second night of travel. No signs of conflict yet. The guards are stationed across the bridge…



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